Stress Management During Board Exams

Feeling immense pressure and stress for the board’s exams and result?

Well, if your answer to the above question is YES, then it is very much obvious and a normal human behavior. There is no one who does not feel pressure like what will be the result? Am I be able to score more than 95% or not? What will our relatives say? etc. Moreover, it is said that having pressure or stress of something is a good sign because the pressure is the only thing which makes a man to do things with his fullest ability or rather it would be the best a man can do. You all will agree that without giving any pressure on the pencil, we can’t even write so how can we think that we can succeed in the examination without getting any parental pressure or anything.

See here, having the pressure of parents is not the real problem; the real problem with pressure is how to handle it. Most of the students didn’t succeed in examinations because they don’t know how to handle the pressure, which leads to nervousness and they aren’t able to give their best performance.

So, the tips for handling examination pressure or any other pressure are, firstly, end results are not in your hand, so stop worrying about the result. Rather your main focus should be on your preparations and your performance. Secondly, practicing meditation, yoga or any physical activity will be very beneficial because it helps us to think with a calm mind in any situation. Thirdly, if you have some emotional breakdowns/pressure, then it would be best to discuss that either with your parents or with your teachers because they know what is good for your future and what is not. Lastly and the most important tip is that even if you failed to succeed in your board’s examination, then assuming that it is the end then you are wrong, life is full of opportunities you just missed one probably the second opportunity is on his way to you so never give up.

At last, there is a pro-tip for parents as well if your son/daughter isn’t able to meet your expectations or able to meet the expectation, either way, don’t compare your child’s result with others because you just can’t compare sun and moon, they shine when it's their time.

Best of luck students for your examinations !!!