The young generation in itself is so self-sufficient that it can bring a drastic change or transformation in the present scenario as well as in the heart of people. These young and aspiring minds have a fire lit in their hearts which can either evade darkness and enlighten the minds or can cause destruction. The spark in them is so amazing and surprisingly shocking. The inexorable energy and passion for doing something new have always created examples. But what is there due to which the output is not satisfactory? In a country like ours, where the maximum population is contributed by the young generation, why there is no effective utilization of such a marvelous resource. This issue needs to be pondered. In spite of being so enthusiastic and powerful why the vision is not clear. The reason lies in the absence of opportunity and guidance. The energy is not being properly channelized. Young leaders like Swami Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh, Abraham Lincoln and many more have set an example for others; they effectively utilized their strength and worked towards the beneficiary of everyone. The force behind the youth is like a waterfall but that needs to be diverted in an appropriate direction so that it becomes an innocuous force. The force needs to strike the right hot iron. If you do a survey and ask young minds about what they want to do… the maximum answer will be to do something that can curb all the evils in society and uplift the prevailing conditions of our country. But when asked how they are going to do it, then there will be fewer answers. As there is no proper understanding and awareness, the answer to many questions is silence. There is the power of education, feeling of patriotism, passion and many more… just need to take one step. Just thinking won’t give any results. It’s TIME FOR ACTION …It’s TIME FOR YOUTH